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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “executive” as follows: relating to the job of managing or directing people in a company or organization.

In other words, executives are leaders in their field of work. A lawyer who is a partner would be considered an executive. So, too, a doctor who is the head of a hospital.

Without executives the businesses, industries and markets that define our world wouldn’t run as effectively as they do, or they would simply cease to exist at all.

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that YOU aspire to become an executive. You would’t have read this far if your goals and aspirations were similar to those of your peers and colleagues.

You want to earn more, achieve more, and be more than the masses who are content with simply putting in their 9 to 5. That isn’t good enough for you. Not by a long shot.

You want more – much more! – for yourself, your family, and your community. And that’s why you’ll want to pay very close attention to what we have to share with you next.

The Compelling Scientific Evidence for Developing An Executive Vocabulary

A century of scientific research proves: The larger your vocabulary, the greater your chances of professional success.

Although citing the research at length goes well beyond the scope of this brief overview, allow us to direct your attention to a couple studies conducted by the Johnson O’Conner Research Foundation.


Vocabulary success study one

In the first study managerial professionals at 39 companies were given a vocabulary test... AND the results were very telling:

  • 236
  • 168
  • 140
  • 118
  • 86

As you can see, vocabulary scores directly correlated with rank on the corporate ladder...with executives leading the field by scoring significantly higher than their peers.


Vocabulary success study two

The second study focused on 100 professionals who were all eager to become industry executives. People very much like yourself.

In this particular study, participants were tested for – amongst other things – the size of their vocabulary.

The results were staggering, and they deserve your attention...especially if you aspire to reach the height of success in your chosen field:

Five years after taking the test...


ALL participants who had scored in the upper 10% on their vocabulary had become very successful executives.


Not a single person who scored in the lowest 25% went on to become an executive.

The implications of these two studies are crystal-clear: If you want to become a successful executive, a large vocabulary isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity!

Ready to See How Your Vocabulary Stacks Up?

When you possess a rich vocabulary, you feel:

  • MORE capable and competent
  • BETTER equipped to excel at work
  • HAPPIER with the way you express yourself
  • CONFIDENT in your ability to command and hold attention

Is your current vocabulary sufficient to earn you the pay and success you deserve?


Do you need to improve your vocabulary in order to reach your career goals?

The Executive Vocabulary Challenge is a quick and easy way to see how your vocabulary measures up against that of your peers and competitors in your field of work.

You’ll only need a few minutes to complete the Executive Vocabulary Challenge, but what you’ll discover about your vocabulary could have a lasting impact on your career.

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